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Aidel Rosenberg was diagnosed with hereditary chronic pancreatitis (HCP) at age 6 in 1996. Her two siblings also have HCP. At that point in time, there was very little awareness of the short and long term treatment and prognosis. The National Pancreas Foundation has managed to change that and provide hope and support for the struggling patient and their caregivers. Aidel has undergone a TPAIT in February 2019 with Dr. Beth Schrope at Columbia Presbyterian. After a rough recovery, she is seeing the results of the surgery and feels that she has been given a second chance in life. Adiel has chosen to be part of the NPF, because she knows on a very personal level the tremendous impact it has when there is education, research, hope, and support. She has lived with this disease her whole life and has a burning desire to share the vast knowledge she’s gained with people in need. Her goal in this partnership is to build a foundation of warriors in New York who all “get it” and she is excited to see where this will take her.