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Grant Title: Characterization and Modulation of TGFβ Activation in Pancreatic Fibrogenesis

Grant Year: 2014

Recipient: Barbara Ulmasov, PhD
Associate Research Professor
St. Louis University, School of Medicine

“I am grateful to the NPF for the support of our preliminary research on chronic pancreatitis.  This grant support helped us to identify a new mechanism in chronic pancreatitis. We demonstrated that specific RGD-binding integrins are critically involved in the development of pancreatic fibrogenesis in a mouse model of chronic pancreatitis and presented an evidence that small-molecule integrin antagonist have the potential to block pancreatic fibrogenesis.  This research funded by NPF led to the contract of our laboratory with Indalo Pharmaceutical to work on the potential use of similar compounds for the treatment of fibrotic diseases in patients.”

Publications stemmed from The NPF Research Grant: 
Ulmasov B., Neuschwander-Tetri B.A., Lai J., Monastyrskiy V., Bhat T., Yates M., Oliva J., Prinsen M., Ruminski P., Griggs D. (2016) Inhibitors of RGD-binding integrins reduce development of pancreatic fibrosis in mice. Cell Mol. Gastroenterol. Hepatol., 2, p. 499-518
(Editorial by Chung C. and Gorelick F. in CMGH 2016, 2:405-406)
To read full publication, please CLICK HERE.