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Halloween 2017 as The Scarecrow in “The Wiz”

*What inspired you to run for the NPF? (Mandatory)

I just really love running and am in great shape!  Two humorous untruths…. my grandmother, Dorothy Atkins, passed from Pancreatic Cancer July of 2015. After she passed I really didn’t know what to do with myself.  I moved to the DMV area and soon after I began working for the NPF at HQ.  I have a heart for the cause and the people affected by it.

What sitcom would you want to live in and why? Modern Family or the Golden Girls (not sure where I would fit in).

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? President Barack Obama, Mike Tyson, and Stevie Wonder.

If You Could Eliminate One Thing From Daily Routine, What Would It Be And Why? Getting up early. Ideal get-up time would be 11am.

You have a time machine – where’s the first place you’re going? I want to do something that will make me rich like discover the internet with the person who first created it. I would be set for life.

Would you rather live without the internet or live without AC and heating? Internet

If you could talk in any accent (other than your own), which accent would it be? French. I want a pretty accent and I would wear a beret – all the time.

What’s one thing about you that surprises people? My age.

Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or a horrible long-term memory? Short-term memory.