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Edmund’s Story

My pancreatitis journey began in 2017; although at first – I didn’t know it was pancreatitis. It began with a stabbing pain that shot through my back. Since I’ve had four back surgeries, I thought the pain could be orthopedic in nature. I saw my orthopedist and began by getting lumbar shots, acupuncture and physical… Read More »Edmund’s Story

Dean’s Story

Ever since I can remember I’ve not felt well and often this feeling was accompanied by severe pain and recurring hospital visits. For most of my youth, I spent about several weeks of every year missing school or being in the hospital.  Most of the time in horrible pain that made me wish someone could… Read More »Dean’s Story

Meaghan’s Story

My name is Meaghan.  I live in Philadelphia with my husband Steve and my son Teddy. My journey with pancreatitis began in 1993 when I was 8 years old and hospitalized at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for acute pancreatitis.  Just a few months before that, my older sister had her first attack of… Read More »Meaghan’s Story

Jenny’s Story

Jenny J., 34, from Chicago, IL was diagnosed with pancreatitis at a young age. She had to go to more than one physician to get the correct diagnosis. Her pancreatitis affected every facet of her life but she has not let it destroy her. She has learned to become her own advocate, seek support, and… Read More »Jenny’s Story

Andrew Lowy, MD

Dr. Lowy is Professor of Surgery, Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology and Leader of the Gastrointestinal Oncology Program at the Moores UCSD Cancer Center. Dr. Lowy did his residency training at Cornell/New York Hospital and his surgical oncology training at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Lowy ‘s clinical practice and research focus… Read More »Andrew Lowy, MD

Doug Upton

Three words that would describe you?  Resilient, Good-humored, Committed What sitcom would you want to live in and why? Parks and Recreation, I think I would fit right in with the government employees in Pawnee. If You Could Eliminate One Thing From Daily Routine, What Would It Be And Why? Meal prepping. If there was… Read More »Doug Upton

Eric Rhode

What inspired you to run for the NPF?  I am running in honor of my 13-year-old son Jaden who suffers from Genetic Chronic Pancreatitis. I hate to see him or anyone suffer from this dreaded disease. I told myself that I was done running fulls, but here I am. Favorite place to run? Or your… Read More »Eric Rhode

A. Jay Freeman

A. Jay Freeman, MD, MSc, is a nationally recognized leader in the development of therapeutic guidelines for children with pancreatic disorders and cystic fibrosis (CF). As the Medical Director of the Advanced Pancreatic Care Program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Director of Digestive Health for the Emory+Children’s Pediatric CF Program, his mission is to provide… Read More »A. Jay Freeman