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NPF Re-Launches NPF Centers of Excellence Program

NPF Re-Launches NPF Centers of Excellence Program

Bethesda, MD – December 31, 2020 – The National Pancreas Foundation (NPF) Centers of Excellence program will be open to receive applications on January 4, 2021. The NPF Centers of Excellence are premier health facilities that use a multidisciplinary approach to pancreas disease. The program’s catalyst emerged from the patients’ need to find specialists in the field of pancreas disease. There are currently 117 NPF Centers of Excellence throughout the U.S. These Centers have expertise in pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis for adults and children.

“We receive calls and emails every week from patients who need to find a physician that specializes in pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer,” said Jane Holt, Co-founder. “Not only do we guide them to a specialist that can help with diagnosis, but NPF Centers of Excellence can help with pain management, nutrition information, surgery, and psychosocial support. Our objective is to have the best patient outcomes, which means treating the ‘whole patient.'”

Guided by an NPF Centers of Excellence Task Force, which included physicians, surgeons, and patient advocates, the program has included two changes. First, the program will be two-tiered. Institutions can now apply to be a Clinical Center of Excellence or a Clinical Center and an Academic Center of Excellence.

“Five years ago, when the program was created, we wanted to guide our patients to the best pancreas disease institutions,” said Dr. Chris Forsmark, chair of the program. “We have done this and are taking it one step further to distinguish our centers depending on patient needs.”

A second change is that now hospitals can apply to be a pediatric pancreatitis NPF Center of Excellence as treatments for pancreatitis in adults and children are different.

“We are thrilled to expand our NPF Centers of Excellence Program to better serve the needs of patients suffering from pancreas disease,” said CEO David Bakelman. “The NPF Centers of Excellence Program is one of the pillars of NPF, and we are looking forward to working with our current and new Centers.”

To learn more about the NPF Centers of Excellence Program, please go here.


The National Pancreas Foundation (NPF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. To fulfill its mission, the NPF raises and manages a charitable foundation from which grants are made directly to researchers seeking to resolve the challenging medical problems of pancreatic diseases. The NPF is the only foundation dedicated to patients who are suffering from all forms of pancreas disease – pediatric pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. For more information on our organization please visit

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