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*In 280 Twitter characters, what inspired you to run for the NPF? Survivor of several Severe Acute Pancreatitis attacks in 2017 and want to raise funds and awareness of the NPF that supports those affected (and their families) of pancreas related diseases. As a mad running bloke, to show family and friends I am now ok. Ran & loved MCM in 2018 and 2019.

*What’s your favorite take-out/pre-race meal? (Also mandatory) Tie between pizza and spaghetti bolognaise….so I’ll have both together 😉

Three words that would describe you? Caring, driven, passionate

Have you ever had an extreme adventure? If so, what was it and would you do it again? A tie between a freefall parachute jump for Marie Curie Cancer Care and Abseiling down the Spinaker Tower in Portsmouth for the British Heart Foundation – both fun & exhilarating but scary! And I would do both again…because I am a special kinda crazy.

What is your running, or life, mantra? When something bad happens to you, you can do 1 of 3 things…let it define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Get up and just keep moving.

What is your favorite distance to run/walk/ruck? 10miles – a good leg stretch and something years ago I didn’t think I would be doing regularly with ease. Have done some fantastic social trail 10mile run explores around the local area but also the Great South Run around Portsmouth is 10miles and is my favourite UK race. The Great South Run is amazingly well supported run through the streets of our home city Portsmouth UK, past all the sights including the Historic Dockyard (HMS Warrior, HMS Victory), the Spinnaker Tower and the Seafront. Not only have I run with wife and friends, it was my target in 2017 when recovering to be strong enough to run it.

Up to this point what has been your favorite race medal/ruck patch? (Please include a picture) My favourite race medal hands down has to be the Marine Corps Marathon medal (both 2018 and 2019). Not only are the medals awesome & presented to you by a US Marine, but to run such an amazing event as part of Team Pancreas has been a great honour. 2018 for it being my first Marine Corps Marathon medal (and it opens up to reveal a coin inside) and it being the summit of my comeback fight from Pancreatitis. 2019 for the equally tough challenge of completing the Marine Corps Marathon in freak tropical monsoon conditions and for the absolute honour & pleasure of completing it as Team Captain for Team Pancreas 2019. I am looking forward to adding the Virtual MCM2020 and MCM2021 medals to the collection.

What moment in your life are you most proud of? Every moment I get to spend with my two amazing kids (Tom & Emma)

Hands down what’s your favorite dessert? My dream dessert would be Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Harribo sweets & caramel apple crumble all in one big bowl.

No judgement, what’s your go-to prerun meal vs post LOL Pre-run: Spag Bol & Yeungling, Post-run: Pizza & Yeungling

What’s your favorite cross training activity? Sleeping??? I have been rubbish at cross-training, however this year have got into a local CardioFit HIIT & Toning weekly group session that I am loving (even if it does show up my complete lack of balance & co-ordination lol)

Would you rather run in the heat vs run in the rain? Heat & rain….anything but the cold (I’m a whimp in the cold)

Would you rather: chafe or get foot blisters? Chafe….you get more sympathy 😉

What do you do for a living? What was your dream job as a kid? Current Job – Senior Engineering Manager at an IT/Defence/Engineering multi-national company. Dream Job as a kid: RAF Fast Jet Pilot (I wanted to be a British Tom Cruise from Top Gun)

What’s your favorite running shoe? Asics Nimbus – loads of cushioning/padding, bit heavy & a tad unfashionable, but strong & durable, eats up the miles and doesn’t mind the rain….all a bit like me 😉

If you could have ANY superpower, what would it be? Time travel….so I could nip back in time to show my Dad who is no longer with us my Marathon medals and pictures of the kids as they are now.