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*In 280 Twitter characters, what inspired you to run for the NPF (Mandatory)

Joining Team Pancreas provides an opportunity to model advocacy, healthy choices and the joy of being part of a team to my son. All while raising awareness and funds to help all those who are in desperate need of treatment and relief.

*What’s your favorite take-out/pre-race meal? (Also mandatory)  Pizza.

What moment in your life are you most proud of? Have to break the rules and pick two, the two days we brought our children into this world.

What are you currently reading OR What’s your all-time favorite book? Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

What’s your go-to song to pump you up before a race (Include a YouTube link!) American Authors Best Day of My Life

Hands down what’s your favorite dessert? Chocolate Ganache Cake

What’s your favorite cross training activity?Yoga

Would you rather run in the heat vs run in the rain?Rain. No competition.

Would you rather: chafe or get foot blisters? Chafe

What do you do for a living? What was your dream job as a kid? I am a Forensic Psychologist. I dreamed (still do!) of working at a Water Slide Park 😊

Share your most inspirational, motivational quote! “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” – Albert Schweitzer

If you could have ANY superpower, what would it be? Cure all power.

Name ONE thing, that you think, could bring meaningful change to patients living with pancreatic diseases? Efficacious options.