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Fundraising Ideas

  • If you’re on social media, build a strong presence as this can be very useful for successful fundraising. Tell your friends what you are running for, who the NPF is and include your Kintera fundraising link. If it’s too lengthy, eyes will glaze over. Keep it short and concise. Update your friends every week on how the training is, include pictures and the fundraising link. Seeing that you are working towards the race will motivate people to give.
  • Write a thoughtful email to your friends and family about why you are running. This becomes more personal to your fundraising efforts. It’s the equivalent of sending snail mail!
  • Dinner party. Invite your friends to a dinner and ask for donations/charge a fee at the door. Something that isn’t too expensive and feeds a lot is spaghetti, lasagna, salad, brownies for dessert.
  • Buy-a-Mile: Running is not easy and thinking about those that have supported you along the way can make race day meaningful. For marathoners, ask your friends to donate $26.02 mile and dedicate a mile to them (of their choosing). Come race day, make a bracelet with mile-markers and everyone that has donated.
  • Host a Chili Cook-Off. A chili cook-off is the perfect nonprofit event idea for you and your community to come together and enjoy a great meal, but this event can be used by individuals trying to raise money, too. All you have to do is recruit your community’s best chili chefs to cook a pot of their delicious stew. Then, set a time and date, and sell tickets to your supporters and community members to taste each one! Set up donation boxes in front of each pot so supporters can vote (by donating!) with their dollars on which chili they like the best. The winner can receive a small prize or trophy, and you can end up raising a lot of money for your cause!*
  • Organize a Triva Night. You can organize a trivia night by pairing up with a local bar or restaurant. Advertise well in advance and charge an admission fee for trivia teams who want to put their knowledge to the test. You can also ask the restaurant or bar manager if they would be willing to give you a portion of the sales from the trivia night to bring in even more money for your cause. Make sure that you have a good system for asking questions and getting teams’ answers. You don’t want to have a disorganized trivia fundraiser!*
  • Look for local retail sponsors in your community. Is there a coffee shop or dry cleaner in your neighborhood that you use? Tell them about your cause, the event, and ask them to be a sponsor!
  • Some restaurants will gladly help a local cause and create a fundraiser. See if you can partner with them where a percentage of the proceeds for a night will go to your fundraising/NPF. Some examples are Gusto, Chipotle. Here is a list of other examples: If your local place isn’t on the list – it doesn’t mean they won’t create a fundraiser. You never know until you ask!


After your event, remember to thank each of your donors!