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What inspired you to run for the NPF? On December 14, 2018, my father passed away after a long battle with stage III pancreatic cancer. One of the greatest lessons he taught me through his fight, was the lesson of perseverance. It’s in his honor, that I hope to persevere through the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon. I believe in everything the NPF stands for as a charitable organization and look forward to contributing to its cause in any way possible.

Three words that would describe you? Driven. Altruistic. Undaunted.

You are hosting a dinner, who would you invite?  My mom and the rest of my family all together. Time has taught me you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Cherish the little things.

If A Movie Was Being Made Of Your Life And You Could Choose The Actor/Actress To Play You, Who Would You Choose And Why? Hands down, Dwayne Johnson. Zero resemblance, but the guy is a quality human being both on and off screen.

What Is The Scariest Thing You Have Ever Done For Fun? White water rafting on a class of rapids way above my skill level.

What is your spirit animal? My K9 partner ‘Troy’. We’re kindred spirits.

Favorite place to run? Or your happy place? Along the Chesapeake Bay, it’s close to my neighborhood and provides great views for both early morning and late evening runs.

If you could talk in any accent (other than your own), which accent would it be? Australian. Not the fake movie style version, but the real thing.