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*In 280 Twitter characters, what inspired you to run for the NPF (Mandatory)

1 /2 The NPF is the only national nonprofit supporting patients with all forms of pancreatic disease, from pancreatitis to cancer. Pancreatic patients may experience isolation, anxiety & depression as a result of chronic pain, malabsorption & pancreatogenic diabetes. (268 w/ spaces)

2 /2 Advocacy efforts ultimately may improve patient quality of life and outcomes; this is my “why”. I’m inspired to run for the NPF to raise awareness, contribute to dedicated pancreatic research funding & support pancreatic disease patients, from pancreatitis to cancer. (273 w/ spaces)

* What’s your favorite take-out/pre-race meal? (Also mandatory)

I’m finicky with dinner the night before and breakfast the morning of, but my post-race meal is most assuredly anything and everything! Pasta/pizza works well the night before, and breakfast is usually some form of carbs and protein (banana, peanut butter, bagel). I know. This didn’t help. So I’m gonna go with a Spicy Chick-Fil-A sandwich w/ mac n’ cheese, plus a lemonade and chocolate chip cookie haha

What is your running, or life, mantra? Have Courage. Be Brave. Live Life.

What is your favorite distance to run/walk/ruck? 10K is my absolute favorite race distance, but I’ve been trying to enjoy mini’s more. I would like the half marathon to be my favorite distance.

Up to this point what has been your favorite race medal/ruck patch? (Please include a picture) Fun question! My current favorite medal is one I have not even earned yet. With all MCM marathon training and virtual races this year, I decided to join the Amerithon Challenge (3,521mi across the United States). I’m currently 450mi in, and expect it to take a few years to finish. I find the flyby videos and passport w/ milestone badges motivating; especially since I won’t earn the first medal piece until about mile 900. (ps you complete the challenge at the Washington Monument).

What’s your go-to song to pump you up before a race (Include a YouTube link!) I def. have a list, but this is probably the most accurate representation of me (Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle on Jimmy Fallon)

What’s your favorite cross training activity? My favorite cross-training activity is cycling. I love both stationary and road bikes, although I was disappointed when I realized excelling on a stationary bike doesn’t equate to skill on a road bike.

Would you rather: chafe or get foot blisters? Tough question! Yikes… I’d say I’d rather get foot blisters. Haha Chafing is the worst.

What do you do for a living? What was your dream job as a kid? I work in Surgical Oncology research at a NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, and love the department I work in (looking at you @WakeSurgonc). My dream job as a kid: I initially wanted to become a ballerina. Then an astronaut. And when I was 15, I wholeheartedly decided I was going to be a doctor. I’m not one, but it’s still a dream job to me.

Share your most inspirational, motivational quote! “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” Kahlil Gibran

If you could have ANY superpower, what would it be? Another tough question! If I could have any superpower I would choose flight or knowledge (the all-knowing kind). Probably would pick flight though, because I think it’d be way more fun (who wouldn’t want to fly?!)

Name ONE thing, that you think, could bring meaningful change to patients living with pancreatic diseases? Who created these questions?! (jk, I did). This IS difficult to answer though since there isn’t a quick or easy solution, but I’m interested to know what others think. It’s also not a question (#aladdin)

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