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What inspired you to run for the NPF? 

I battled Hereditary Chronic Pancreatitis since age 4 and made the tough decision to undergo a total pancreatectomy islet auto-transplant just before my 21st birthday. I now live a PAIN-FREE life, which is something I never knew until just 3 years ago. I am running for NPF so others who suffer from CP can live pain-free like me!

Running mantra or life mantra?

Never pump the brakes.” –Me

Favorite place to run? Or your happy place? 

‘The Greenbelt’ in Austin, TX. It’s a massive nature trail with flowing fresh water, shady spots to hang the Eno hammock, and PLENTY of dogs.

If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be? Why?

Beyoncé. For obvious reasons.

What’s your secret talent?

Juggling. Challenge me to a juggle-off, I dare ya.

What’s your favorite thing to do for fun?

Hike! Preferably somewhere with waterfalls.

You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it? 

Coffee. For obvious reasons.

Have you ever completed anything on your “bucket list” OR Name one thing on your “bucket list”?

Besides overcoming pancreatitis, which was my #1 bucket list item, I went skydiving on my 18th birthday!

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