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(On the pavement and in life)

Dave and Rach Hughes – Portsmouth, UK (Dave – Marathon) The “Grown-Up” part of Team Hughes, (which is completed by their two children Tom & Emma) are honoured to be Co-Captains for Team Pancreas this year.  They ran as part of Team Pancreas for the MCM Marathon (Dave) and MCM 10K (Rach) in 2018. When not running or working, Dave and Rach can be found getting up to all types of craziness with the kids or friends and we make no apologies for Dave’s enthusiasm for running in a fancy dress!

In 2017, Dave was struck down with several attacks of severe acute pancreatitis and was first hospitalised in New York, USA during a family vacation. (You can read Dave’s Story here) Their experience with pancreatitis from both perspectives fuelled their passion to run with the NPF to raise awareness and prove that you can go through difficult times and come out the other side.

The NPF and Team Pancreas has become dear to their hearts, through support, great friendships and knowing that there are people out there who just understand what they’d been through.  It became clear very quickly that there were lots of people with their own stories, challenges to overcome and reasons for running, but all were united across the miles through the existence of this great team.

Both agree that the MCM is a weekend not to be missed!  The expo is amazing and of course, the atmosphere, sights, sounds and fun of the races are second to none.  BUT the highlight of the entire weekend had to be the Team Pancreas pasta party on the Saturday night where they finally got to meet the team members they had been chatting to over the months through social media – there were a lot of hugs, (happy) tears and photos!

Rach and Dave wish to welcome everyone to the 2019 Team Pancreas MCM team – whether you’ve taken part before or join as a newbie, whether you’re 10K, marathon, 50K or a cheerleader!  They are here to support you through every step of training, every dollar of fundraising and to be chief cheerleaders on the day.  Furthermore, whilst the event itself is about fun (!), they recognise that everyone has a reason for running this – one that is quite personal and tough – so are available any time (day or night) to offer support or a shoulder to cry on, they will do their best to help you through, just drop a message/email/phone call if you need to.

Both believe that the journey starts now and thank everyone for signing up, they plan to help bond the team together in a fun and supportive way over the coming months, so standby for some silly challenges to help get to know each other and help the training go that bit easier! Let’s go, Team Pancreas – we’ve got this!




Jenny Jamison, Oklahoma (Marathon)

Brooke Eilsar, Louisiana (Marathon)

Sara McBroom, Maryland (10K)

Phillip McCloskey, Maryland (Marathon)

Drew Tipton, Texas (Marathon)

Jessica Hiller-Blair, Ohio (10K)