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Charlie Dow & Laura Lenhardt – Washington (Marathon)

Charlie and Laura were married in September 2016 and ran their first MCM together that October.  When they’re not training, Charlie is usually gardening, and Laura is crafting, or they’re together playing cribbage at a brewery.

Charlie has always been a bit of an athlete and spent summers in college fighting forest fires.  He took full advantage of the high altitude of Colorado to train for multiple MCMs and also used it as a convenient excuse to not study during law school.  This will be his 6th MCM, following his dad’s example of running the MCM way back in the 1970s.  Laura loves yoga, HIIT classes, and juxtaposition, but had never been much of a runner until doing the MCM 10K in 2015.  She then committed herself to the Marathon in 2016 and 2017 with a run/walk method, and firmly believes that walking is NOT cheating.

Both agree that the MCM is a fun, challenging, rewarding and emotional experience and a must-do event each year.   They learned about NPF thanks to Charlie’s mom, who is an old friend of Jane Holt (co-founder).  Both are excited that Team Pancreas will give greater meaning to their running and also serve and honor those dealing with pancreatic diseases.  They hope to bring helpful fundraising support and provide potentially great—possibly terrible—running advice and over-ambitious training plans to other runners!



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