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Grant Title: Endocrine Function in Chronic Pancreatitis: The Role of Insulin Secretion, Insulin Sensitivity, and the Incretin Axis

Grant Year: 2012

Recipient: Melena Bellin, MD
University of Minnesota Medical Center
Schulze Diabetes Institute
Associate Professor Pediatric Endocrinology
Director of Research, Islet Autotransplant Program

“With the NPF grant, we were able to characterize islet function and insulin sensitivity in those with chronic pancreatitis who had not yet developed diabetes and show that early changes in insulin regulation and glucose response to a meal are apparent even prior to diabetes, particularly in those with calcifications in the pancreas. This work resulted in a publication in Pancreas, helped facilitate my work in the Chronic Pancretitis Pancreatic Cancer Diabetes U01consortium, and provided valuable research training in clinical research for an emerging pediatrician.”

Publications stemmed from The NPF Research Grant:
Lundberg R, Beilman GJ, Dunn TB, Pruett TL, Freeman ML, Ptacek PE, Berry KL, Robertson RP, Moran A, Bellin MD. Early alterations in glycemic control and pancreatic endocrine function in nondiabetic patients with chronic pancreatitis. Pancreas. 2016 Apr;45(4):565-71. PMID: 26918872.
To view full publication, CLICK HERE.