The National Pancreas Foundation provides hope for those suffering from pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer through funding cutting edge researchadvocating for new and better therapies, and providing support and education for patients, caregivers, and health care professionals.


  • Patient/Caregiver Stories
Lee’s Story

January 26, 2022/

My name is Lee Zeidman. I am a Strategic Communications Consultant and pancreatic cancer survivor. I’m a native Washingtonian. I…

In Memory: Paula’s Story

January 1, 2022/

My daughter Breanna was born with a passion for loving and serving others, and her ever-present laughter, talented music, and…

Dick’s Story

December 21, 2021/

For as long as I can remember, eating has made me uncomfortable.  I often felt best when a skipped a…

Cesiley’s Story

December 15, 2021/

How old was Cesiley when she first had their first bout of pancreatitis?  Cesiley was 3 ½ when she first…

Lindsey’s Story

December 13, 2021/

My name is Lindsey Fontenot, I’m 23 years old and live in Berkeley CA.  How old were you when you…

Aaron’s Story

October 22, 2021/

How old were you when you first had your first bout of pancreatitis? I was 24, and it was after…

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