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Welcome to the PancreasBowl FAQs! As this is an inaugural event, it’s natural to have questions. Please read through and if you have further questions, please email at

What are the steps to creating a team? 
Step 1: Designate someone as a point of contact for the event.
Step 2: Please have the point of contact reach David Bakelman by EMAIL HERE to coordinate a bowling date and center in your local community.
Step 3: Start a team! Teams are formed with five or six members. Consider creating a team with family, friends, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, or co-workers.
Step 4: Start fundraising – We require a minimum donation of $100 or $150 for a family of four.
Step 5:  Once you reach your goal, it’s time to have fun and get excited! Take pictures and remember to tag us!
Instagram: @national_pancreas_foundation
Twitter: @NatPancFdn

I’ve rounded up participants for this event, have a date, what next? 
Great! You’re onto Step 2 which is to email David Bakelman, CEO of the National Pancreas Foundation (NPF). The NPF will then coordinate all logistics for your event (booking the bowling alley, marketing, etc.). The NPF does the leg-work, we need your help to bring the participants!

Where is the list of confirmed PancreasBowl locations? 
To see if there is an event in your city, please go HERE. If there is not an event in your city, we encourage you to start one and pick a date in October or November.

Is there an admission fee for this? 
There is no admission fee. Once you’ve hit Step 4 (fundraise the $100), you are officially in and no admission fee is needed.

Once I’ve raised my minimum of $100, what is included? 
You’ll receive two free games of bowling (shoe and ball rental included) and a complimentary PancreasBowl t-shirt!

Speaking of t-shirt, what is the deadline to be a sponsor so my company logo can be on the t-shirt and marketing materials? 
To ensure that your name or sponsorship logo is on the t-shirt, please have your sponsorship in by September 20, 2021.

I’m a sponsor, who do I contact regarding my bowling team?
For sponsorship teams, please contact David by EMAIL HERE so we guide you through the process.

I’m a Team Captain and ready to start fundraising, where do I go? 
To start fundraising, please go HERE. Again, each bowler will be required to raise a minimum of $100 ($150 for families). If you are a Team Captain, please read the Team Captain’s Handbook to see how to start your team page. Captains will need to create a team page and their own personal page. To join a team, please go to the Giveffect site, click “Participate as an Individual” and choose which team you’d like to join, and start fundraising!

We want to put the “fun” in fundraising! One of the most effective ways to raise money is to share your personal page on your Facebook page, personally email friends, provide updates on your fundraising, or ask them to donate $10 to “buy” a pin.

For any questions, please contact us by email at

Where do my donations go? 
Your donations will go to providing research for pancreas disease as well as all our resources and programs for patients and providers. For every dollar donated to the NPF, 93 cents goes to our programs. To learn more about the NPF, please go here: