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The NPF Team on Thursday night’s activity at PancreasFest 2018  (Top left to right: Derrik Winke, Patrick Salami, Lora Kelly, Jane Macke, Cecilia Petricone, Catie McGilvray, Matt Alsante, June Strayer, Rod Strayer, Robin Winke, Sokphal Tun, Dan Spracklen, Daniele Alexander)

PancreasFest is a “joint meeting of physicians and scientists committed to learning and collaborating on translational studies of pancreatic diseases.” The National Pancreas Foundation sponsors a portion of this conference and invited NPF Chapter Chairs and volunteers to attend and share their experience in an article or journal format. To read about each experience, please click on the names below.

The NPF would like to thank Abbvie for their sponsorship through an education grant. 

Lora Kelly, Central Pennsylvania Chapter Chair

Tamara Ham, North Carolina Chapter Chair

Jane Macke, Louisana Chapter Chair

Cecilia Petricone, NPF Intern 2018

Dan Spracklen, Ohio/Kentucky Chapter Chair

June Strayer, Indiana Chapter Chair

Derrick Winke, Michigan Chapter Chair Board Member

We all stand together to find a cure for pancreas disease!   (Top left to right: Dr. Dana Andersen, Dr. Dhiraj Yadav, Dr. Peter Farrell, Dr. Aliye Uc, Dr. Samuel Han and Dr. May Min, Dr. Bechien Wu, Dr. A. Jay Freeman and  Patrick Salami)