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Genetics & The Pancreas

Genetics is the study of how diseases are passed from a parent to their child. Genetic research has provided a lot of information about genetic mutations that can cause pancreatitis.1

Although a great deal has been learned in the past several years about how genetic factors affect the pancreas, there is still a great deal of research to be performed. However, we have learned the following about genetics and the pancreas:

  • Hereditary pancreatitis is known to be caused by mutation of the trypsinogen PRSS1gene (rare).1
  • Acute and chronic pancreatitis are linked to mutation of the SPINK1 gene (common).1
  • People with genetic mutation of the CFTR gene, which causes cystic fibrosis, are known to have a 40- to 80-fold greater risk of developing chronic pancreatitis.1
  • Approximately 10% of pancreatic cancers may be caused by genetic factors.2


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