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Grant Title: The Histone Deactylase SIRT6 Modulates Pancreatic Cancer Metabolism

Grant Year: 2013

Recipient: Raul Mostoslavsky, MD PhD
The Laurel Schwartz Associate Professor of Oncology
MGH Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School
Kristine and Bob Higgins MGH Research Scholar

“Thank you for supporting basic science! Without the help of Foundations like yours, our work on basic research will not be possible. Our studies identified a new genetic pathway (SIRT6/Lin28b) that influences disease progression, identifying potential new therapeutic treatments. Due to the initial NPF grant and the findings, I received an R21 NIH exploratory grant (in 2016), and more recently a grant from the Department of Defense, in 2018, to study the role of SIRT6/Lin28b in pancreatic cancer.”

Publications stemmed from The NPF Research Grant:
Kugel, S., Sebastian, C., Fitamant, J., Ross, K.N., Saha, S.K., Jain, E., Gladden, A., Arora, K.S., Kato, Y., Rivera, M.N., Ramaswamy, S., Sadreyev, R.I., Goren, A., Deshpande, V., Bardeesy, N., and Mostoslavsky, R. (2016). SIRT6 suppresses pancreatic cancer through control of Lin28b. Cell, 165, 1401-1415
To view the full publication, please CLICK HERE