When I was 8 years old all of the doctors thought I had a “flu” or “strep throat”. Then when I was 10, we decided to go to a different doctor and they diagnosed me with chronic pancreatitis. This whole concept changed my life when they doctors told me I was not able to play basketball or run anymore. My parents and I were sad because I had been playing basketball for my entire life, no matter what happens to me. After one more year I couldn’t handle the pain anymore so I quit and it sucked because my team was like a family to me and hurt for me to quit just because of this. So my parents and I asked them if I could get a transplant and they said no because it’s not that bad compared to other kids and that touched my life because I knew that I need to stay strong and I need to probably wait a long time till I can get a transplant. Even though I did all these things that hurt me I still stood strong because I knew I had to push through these episodes even if I’m not feeling good. But what I do know and won’t quit is staying strong strong even when I’m really sick. NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!!!! (H.o.p.e= hold on pain ends.)