I had my first acute attack when I was only 15, it was minor in comparison to what my future held. Only a weeks stay in the hospital and a few life style changes and I was “as good as new.” Five years later I was finally going to college at the school of my dreams in Denver, Co, and when I came home for the summer I was in for a surprise. August, 2007 I was hospitalized with numbers over 9,000. I ended up with a feeding tube for four months and a hospital stay of almost 2. Over the past four years I have averaged about 4 attacks a year if not more. I am now diabetic, I have endometriosis, reactive arthritis, my pancreas is beginning to calcify, and I have chronic pain and nausea. I have under gone countless procedures and treatments only for the doctors to come up empty handed. 650 words isn’t even close to tell my whole story, but I’m still trying to go to school, I still try to go to work, and I always go through out my day with a smile and a positive outlook.