My fiancée was diagnosed with chronic/acute pancreatitis in May of 2012. Few days after his birthday he and I were on our way to the hospital because of the abdominal pain he was suffering. My fiancée, Adam, had a seizure in the driveway, nearly missing the drain grates. I was scared and did what I was not to do, put my hand in his mouth so he wouldn’t bite his tongue. I saved his life and took him to the hospital, where he was in the ICU unit for 7 days. Both of our lives changed forever. They did not know what was wrong with him at that time. He was transferred to a better hospital in out area, which specializes in certain areas of body. At that hospital, he had emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder and his pancreas “exploded” per the doctor. Adam only has 1/3 of his pancreas remaining. Adam had to be released from the hospital with a feeding tube and urinal tube. I cared for him and still do, day and night. The feeding and urinal tube was removed, he gained some weight back but not all of it. He was in and out of hospitals for over a year with chronic pain. All the doctors thought he was a pain medication junkie. We both got judged, time after time. Our so called “friends and family” abandoned us at our time of need. Our trust in people, family, and friends has disappeared. Adam is in so much pain everyday. It hurts my heart that I cannot take this pain away from him. He struggles with pain everyday of his life. We live his disease, non-stop. I love him and would give my life for him. He is my soul mate and we planned our wedding 3 years ago and this happened. We want and plan to get married. We want to on the beach, but it is very hard for him to travel to one. We have been together almost 7 years and our lives have been changed forever. Not one person, besides my Father (he is a scientist) understands his disease, nobody. They do not understand his suffering and pain. He wants to do so much, but he can’t. We want to do so much, but we can’t. I would give anything for one day of Adam not being in pain, one day. His doctor is scared to give him any more pain medication and he doesn’t understand the amount of pain that Adam is in. He thinks he just is a pain med “junkie”, also. He is not and I would love for everyone to stop thinking that we both are. Trusting people is not an option for us anymore. We both want to but every time we do trust someone, they judge us or walk away from our lives. It is ok with both of us. We love each other so much and we are all we need. Us and our pets. All I ask for is a break for both of us, once in a blue moon and for someone to understand his pain and suffering. He needs more help and it is not available. Why is this disease judged so much and why does nobody, not even doctors, care about his suffering? We are happy because we have each other and we make the best of every situation. Love can heal, almost everything.