Last year I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was found at an early stage and upon leaving my physician office I was already scheduled for surgery.

It was hard to encompass the diagnosis I was given or comprehend the enormity of the surgery that was going to occur. I went through many emotions. I underwent surgery for removal of my gallbladder, a portion of my pancreas and part of my bowel. It was a long process. I was unable to keep any food or liquid down so they had to do a follow up surgery to try and correct the problem. I remained hospitalized for approximately 6 weeks. After I went home the process continued with recovery and a port was placed for access for chemotherapy. I underwent chemotherapy for four months.

The process was hard on my body emotionally and physically, as well as hard on my family. I am proud to say I am a survivor of pancreatic cancer. I want to encourage people and families who are going through this process that a positive outcome is possible through my own success story. Also I want to support reseach and make more people aware of pancreatic cancer.