Support NPF by Creating a Facebook Campaign for Your Birthday or Special Occasion!

Celebrate your birthday or special occasion by raising money for the National Pancreas Foundation by creating a Facebook fundraiser in 6 simple steps. Your donation can help fund ground-breaking pancreatic research programs and patient initiatives.

Raise Money for National Pancreas Foundation in 6 Simple Steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Raise money for a charity” and search “National Pancreas Foundation.”
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to raise and when the deadline for the fundraiser will be.
  4. Add a short statement on why you decided to fundraise for National Pancreas Foundation to encourage friends and family to contribute.
  5. Upload a cover photo for the fundraiser and press “Create.”
  6. Invite your friends to donate and share your fundraiser to your News Feed!

FACT: $.93 of every dollar raised goes to patient programs

Make a difference and start a campaign today

Thank you for helping us in our fight against pancreas disease!